Virginia 3A All State Team

1st Team Defense:  Junior Linebacker Nate Atkins
2nd Team Defense:  Senior Linebacker Massi Flici

Virginia Preps All State Awards

1st Team Defense:  Senior Linebacker Massi Flici
2nd Team Defense:  Junior Linebacker Nate Atkins

All-Timesland Awards

1st Team Defense:   Senior Linebacker Massi Flici
1st Team Defense:   Junior Linebacker Nate Atkins
2nd Team Defense:  Junior DE Tyriq Harris
2nd Team Offense:    Senior RB Walker Brand

Sizzlin Sophomore:  DB Logan Brand

All Region 3A West Awards

1st Team Defense:  Junior Linebacker Nate Atkins
1st Team Defense:  Senior Linebacker Massi Flici
2nd Team Offense:  Senior RB Walker Brand
2nd Team Defense: Junior Lineman (DE) Tyriq Harris
2nd Team Defense: Senior Defensive Back Billy Howe

Conference 32 Awards For Division 3A

Conference 32 Offensive Player of the Year:   Senior RB Walker Brand
Conference 32 Defensive Player of the Year:  Senior Linebacker Massi Flici

First Team Offense:    Junior Lineman (DE) Bryant Bredberg
First Team Offense:    Senior RB Walker Brand
First Team Defense:   Junior Lineman (DE) Tyriq Harris
First Team Defense:   Junior Linebacker Nate Atkins
First Team Defense:   Senior Linebacker Massi Flici
First Team Defense:   Junior Defensive Back Mason Dermott
First Team Defense:   Senior Defense Back and Punt Returner Billy Howe

Second Team Offense:   Junior Lineman Hunter Boone
Second Team Offense:   Junior RB Mason Dermott
Second Team Offense:   Senior Kick Returner Billy Howe
Second Team Defense:  Junior Lineman Taylor Flynt
Second Team Defense:  Senior
Defensive Back Walker Brand

Kroger Crunch Defensive Player of the Year

Nate Atkins:  Junior Linebacker
Well, the 2013 Titan football season is officially over and I and several others are in mourning.  Someone tell me it's not over! Our Titans had an awesome year and made a great playoff run, shocking two hopeful champs (we were underdogs) before losing a nail-biter to undefeated Heritage in a game that we dominated, in my humble opinion of course.  When the dust settled Northside won it all and we would have loved a rematch with them because we had them on the ropes earlier in the season before losing late.

I feel the worst for those seniors and their parents who will leave behind Friday night lights and everything else that goes into high school football.  I remember the parents of Peyton and Eli Manning saying their favorite days were watching their sons play at the high school level.  It truly is a great time with lots of memories created for the players, coaches, parents, and fans.  And of course that also includes all associated with the Titan Band and the Cheerleaders!

I told a friend of mine yesterday I wanted a helmet and pads for Christmas and that I was going to start a league and play Quarterback (I don't want to get hit after seeing an NFL punter get demolished on TV last night).  The truth is I get pretty fired up watching the Titans.  I am fearful that next year I may embarrass myself.

One of my favorite personal memories of the season was when I saw men rolling out a cannon at the Spotswood game.  I asked them what it was for (and of course I knew) and they said they were going to fire it off when Spotswood scored.  I told them they would not need their cannon that night and they mocked me as they rolled it away.  Well, we won the game and they fired their cannon a few times, but only once due to a score.  They had to make up other reasons to set it off.
  They lost and I feel like I had the last laugh on that one.

I was amazed to see the development and progress of our Titans as they trudged there way through an intentionally brutal schedule with top-ranked opponents.  Yep, we got us a real good head coach and superb assistant coaches who are taking the Titans to progressively higher levels.  And some of the young men seemed to grow into monsters before my eyes.  Well, we do have an excellent weight lifting program.  I look forward to seeing the product we put on the field next year.  I already know that a State Championship is one of the primary goals. And I believe . . .  I believe that . . . I believe that we will win!

The thing I will personally miss the most next year (next to the departed Seniors and their parents) is Hakeem Flici standing and yelling at the top of his lungs things like "That's a first down, that's a first down."  He did not seem to trust that the refs knew how to spot the ball!  And I think he was right.  After all, don't we parents in the stands have a better sense of what is going on in the game than anyone else?  I wish we could get on the field during the games . . . they really should let us.  Oh well, let's get ready for next year!  Go Titans!


    Dedicated to Titan Players, Parents, Coaches and Fans. 

    Go Titans! Take No Prisoners!


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